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Practical Training for

Floor Runners in the

Film and Television Industries


The Floor Runners Bootcamp is an intensive-crash-course training day set up by industry professionals to offer essential pragmatic training in how to be a top Floor Runner in the film and television industry.


Catered towards new, prospective and existing floor runners and taught by Assistant Directors working in the industry, the purpose of the course is to provide new recruits with the knowledge, insights and skills needed to excel in the role of floor runner, as well as essential information on how to operate as a freelance crew member and progress your career.

Aside from providing a wealth of useful information (that is seldom passed on) about the industry and how to set up and conduct yourself within it (keeping your finances, attitude, how to get work, the dreaded tax return!), the main emphasis of the course is to offer a practical, on-the-ground training approach to the ins and outs of what the job of a floor runner actually entails on set.


By bringing in relevant equipment found on a modern film set, Floor Runners Bootcamp teaches tomorrow's floor runners the basics through pragmatic, interactive, and hands on learning : how to use the walkie talkie, how to set up an EZ-up, how to use correct set etiquette, what gear/equipment to have on you, responsibilities throughout the day, how to nail the tea round etc.


It is essential basic training for all on-set runners.

Floor Runners Bootcamp

Floor Runners Bootcamp

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- How to be a top floor runner - the ins and outs of conducting yourself on set.

- How to survive and understand the dynamics of the film set.

- How to set up financially as a freelance crew member and keep your accounts.

- How to get work and progress your career across different formats in the film industry.

- The responsibilities expected of a floor runner across all formats of job.

- The different occupations on a film set and career paths available to you.


- Lots of knowledge, and knowledge is power!

- A printed pack full of information from the day and essential guides to on set behaviour, responsibilities and attitude.

- Access to useful documents, templates and links on the Grads page of this website.

- A set-proof Floor Runners Bootcamp pen that won't leak in your pocket!


PLUS - Lunch is on us, as well as hot drinks and snacks throughout the day :)



Labelling the Walkies - Floor Runner
Music Promo Party! Floor Runners
Uber-Runner - Floor Runners Bootcamp
The Film Studio-Floor Runners Bootca
Floor Runners Bootcamp
Sharpie+tape- Floor Runners Bootcamp
Red Light & Bell - Floor Runners





Off Set

Building your basic knowledge base and knowing what to do away from set to progress your career in the film industry

- The different formats of job you will find yourself working in
- The different roles of the runner and the different occupations on a film set

- Career routes through the industry and what you can expect to earn
- How to set up and manage your finances as a freelancer
- How to get work and different routes towards promoting yourself


On Set

Presentations, practical demonstrations and interactive workshops that show the ins and outs of on-set running

- The responsibilities of the floor runner on a film set - a full pragmatic guide on how excel at every aspect of floor running through interactive hands-on learning. Locking off, standing in, cueing, setting up video village, helping the crew etc - you will learn insider tips and tricks and get to grips with the equipment and techniques you will use on a proper film set.

- The importance of having the right attitude and what this entails
- What gear you need on set. What to buy and what to wear

- Walkie talkies - an in-depth look at using your key piece of equipment

- The grammar, etiquette and politics of the film set
- Dealing with boredom
- The weird and wonderful world of film lingo

- Anticipating the needs of those above you (and the next step) - a few pointers towards what 2nd and 3rd AD’s do day to day
- Insider tips on how to nail the tea round
- The Runner Olympics - put what you have learnt into practice to win prizes!


All Set!

- How to use the content and questions from the floor.

- A talk through the Floor Runners Pack and how to use it + Q & A session
- Feedback forms to help us better the bootcamp experience for others



Floor Runners Bootcamp Gareth Ellis Unwin The Kings Speech Feature Film Oscar

Gareth Ellis-Unwin

Oscar and Bafta Winning Producer

(The Kings Speech 2010)

“As someone who started off as a Floor Runner, I know how nerve-wracking and daunting those first couple of shows can be. I also can remember as a First AD bringing new running talent onto film and TV sets for the first time, trying to bridge the experience of college or uni, with the standard practices of a professional film set. I applaud Dan Gibling, who I have worked with in the extremist of locations, for recognising the need for good quality, knowledgable and most importantly SAFE runners and bringing Floor Runners Bootcamp into reality. I look forward to seeing graduates of this program join the industry more informed and more productive."


Kajaki Andrew de Lotbiniere Floor Runners Bootcamp

Andrew de Lotbiniere

Bafta Nomiated Producer

(Kajaki 2014)

“Floor Runners Bootcamp is an excellent initiative that will make a practical difference to so many people who are at the entry level to the industry. In Dan Gibling, they will have one of the best 1st ADs in the business, who I’ve worked with on a number of projects and whose experience, knowledge and approach make him an inspirational role-model to follow"

Floor Runners Bootcamp Katie Dolan Ridley Scott Associates RSA Black Dog Music Videos

Katie Dolan

Head of Black Dog UK (music videos)

Ridley Scott Associates

"A music video shoot is always a full-on uncompromising charge from call to wrap with little time to breathe let alone show newcomers the ropes. It’s the epitome of sink or swim! Most runners look and feel totally frazzled when they experience the maelstrom of their first music video set. I hope Floor Runners Bootcamp will give them the knowledge they need to be proactive on set and provide the music video production world with a load of new solid crew members who swim rather than sink!”

"A good, knowledgeable team of runners is the backbone of a film set and this course teaches them what they need to know to be of value to the floor"

Tom Shard

Commercial Producer

Amarillo Films



(quotes from particpants of Floor Runners Bootcamp Pinewood Studios, June 7th 2015)

"I found the course very useful, inspiring and motivational. Honestly, I have learnt more about the film industry itself today and how to work on a set than in 5 years at university! I never knew exactly what a runner does and if I get a job as a runner, it would be very disappointing to arrive to the set with no idea and look so unprofessional, but now i know this wont happen! It was also really enriching because it was done by real and experienced people from the industry who know what they are talking about."     - Irene

"The course was Excellent. It was quite obvious that a lot of thought and effort had gone into the presentation and delivery of it - the content was all relevant and up to date and the team delivering the course were all very experienced and knowledgeable. The mixture of teaching methods catered for all learning styles.  I was very impressed, being given the practical challenges was such a good idea and definitely aids learning. I personally find practical activities help me to remember things more easily. I thought the idea of giving out walkies and using them within the lesson was a great idea".     -Chris

“I learnt so much! I didn't realise how much I would learn from this course. Everyone involved was so helpful and smiley, it really was enjoyable. My brother used to be a runner so I've heard various things about what you have to do/what's expected of you so I went in assuming (oops!) that I knew a fair amount about it already but I was totally wrong! I learnt so much. So glad I went. Would definitely like to say thank you to everyone involved, you were all great! :) “

- Sophie

Very informative, lots of brilliant tips across the process of both on-set and managing yourself off-set.  I have come away with much more confidence in what is expected of me as a floor runner and believe I would be comfortable working in a professional environment as one. I have also been inspired to get out there and find work and put the skills and tips learnt from this to use.      - George

Today I was taught, in an enjoyable manner and in a short period of time,  a great deal of essential, applicable information. There’s a bravado around knowledge on set - not knowing things often feels tantamount to stupidity - which is why a short course like FRBC is ideal: not only do you get to ask all the questions you’d be too embarrassed to ask on set, you also get the answers to questions you didn’t know you even had yet!


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