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The Floor Runners Bootcamp has been set up by industry professionals (all ex-runners) with input from many experienced and current professional floor runners across feature films, TV drama, commercials and music promos. 


The idea for the course came about from the realisation that many runners were turning up on film sets without knowing the basics of how to run on set, and that the need for a type of basic training course would give new runners the knowledge and skills needed to turn up for work fully trained to impress. The industry has always very much been ‘on-the-job’ training, with people rarely seeming to take the time to impart knowledge to those below (it took us years to pick up all the stuff included on the course!) With this in mind we thought it would be useful to compile all the knowledge, practices, and tips we have picked up along the way, coupled with all we could extract out of our peers on what makes the very best floor runner, and put it into a 1 day training course for both new recruits, and existing runners to learn from.

“As a 1st AD, your floor runners are like your limbs and we would be useless without them. They form the backbone of the production and are the glue that holds it all together, keeping cast and crew informed, fed, watered, and moving to the right places - try motivating a bunch of sparks to work mid-morning if they haven't had a cup of tea yet! A good floor runner is a valued and respected member of the film set, if they know what they are doing. Although the responsibilities seem low, they are important. If a runner gives a wrong communication, fails to lock off properly, or doesn’t know the correct etiquette on set it can ruin a shot and can reflect bad on me as their head of department. I spent years learning the ins and outs and subtle nuances of the film set from the ground up and am passionate about the industry and good, safe working practice within it, as well as the ethos of earning your stripes. Every single crew member, whether in a creative or technical role, strives to give their best work on set and the floor runner should act no differently. That is why I have set up the Floor Runners Bootcamp with the help and input of many of my friends and colleagues and other professionals in the industry, to give new runners all the tools and info they need to be the best at their job”

TV drama

floor runners bootcamp training dan gibling 1st AD assistant directors scheme education

Dan GIbling

1st Assistant Director

feature films / commercials / music promos

The course has been compiled and written by 1st Assistant Director Dan Gibling who has worked in the film industry for the past 10 years across all formats as a floor runner, 3rd AD, 2nd AD and now 1st AD. Dan is a founding member of the Assistant Directors Association and a member of the Assistant Directors branch at BECTU where he is the representative for training courses.


In 2010 Dan won the highly accredited award of '2nd busiest runner' from Callbox Diary service. At 2.5 inches, and made of solid plastic, it remains the most prestigious trophy he has ever won.

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floor runners bootcamp framing shot
Floor Runners Bootcamp - on set
Floor Runners Bootcamp - on set2
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